Most people don't realise this, but your windows are one of the best places to add value to your home. Most heat and sunlight comes into a house directly through the windows. This can create a number of issues:

  • fading of furniture and carpets
  • soaring heat and associated cooling bills
  • extreme cold and associated heating bills

Window tinting reduces the amount of heat entering your home, and as such, helps reduce energy bills and has a positive effect on the environment. Solar film can block up to 99% of the sun's UV rays, when regular windows block less than 25%.

Reducing power consumption is becoming more important in today's age. Modern tinting products are blemish free, ensuring the highest levels of clarity and durability. They also increase privacy in your home.

Recommended suppliers:

All About Window Tinting

Tint Master

Kustom Window Tinting

DMS Tinting

And for window coverings including curtains and blinds we recommend:

Royal Crest Blinds

When looking to get window tinting you should always consider the following factors. Aesthetic appeal, clarity, reflectivity, heat rejection, and technology. Ticking all these boxes will ensure your window efficiency is maximised.



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